About Hobby Prodigy

Pittsburgh’s DIY Craft Studio

Hobby Prodigy was created to bring out the creative genius in all of us. Our desire is to help others channel into their inner prodigy thought crafting…our favorite hobby

Hobby Prodigy provides materials, tools and instructions guests need to create their own brilliant DIY masterpiece in a safe, fun environment. We encourage our guests to break out of confinements and customize your art with tons of choices and leave the mess behind.

Hobby Prodigy craft socials are more than a night of fun – it’s hands-on activities where guests connect and overcome any fears about arts and crafts, and leave feeling they have truly accomplished something extraordinary.

Looking for something fun to do in Pittsburgh, a unique date night, or party event? What are you waiting for!? Empower your inner genius, get creative, and inspire others to do that same.

Our Prodigies

It has been said that being creative is not a hobby, but a way of life. We like to have our cake and eat it too, so we combined the two. Our prodigy's passions are people and crafting. Our Pedagogues are listed below.

Jennifer Miller

The Creative Guru

Jennifer Miller is the brain behind Hobby Prodigy. She is a graduate of University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in Marketing. She makes sure all the neurotransmitters connect to get the creative juices flowing. Growing up, crafting was her favorite activity with her mom, whom her creative genes come from. She loves God, family time, personalized crafts, hand making gifts, music, theme parties, and sharing life with friends.

Crafts are her favorite hobby, because she loves the feeling of creating something extraordinary (Even if only seems so in her eyes only) She wished to share that feeling with others…thus Hobby Prodigy was born! Jennifer is responsible for Marketing and Product Management at Hobby Prodigy. She helps make sure our creativity doesn't get too outside of the lines to keep the crafts classy and the party professional.

Come Craft and Sip in Pittsburgh

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh? Come on in and celebrate your inner prodigy with a DIY craft #HandMadeWithLove. You can dream it up, find your inspiration or chose from our library. Here at Hobby Prodigy we don’t limit your possibilities! We offer party packages, date nights, leisure and everything in between. Although we do abide by store hours, we don’t put any time constraints on your process. Eat, drink and be crafty as we encourage guests to bring their own bottle and enjoy their experience to the fullest. We also provide an option of partners who deliver food and other refreshments right to our store. Once you’re done give yourself applause because you can walk out with a personal piece of art – all while Hobby Prodigy takes care of the mess!